NHL – Game 5 is Key!!!

pavelnick pic front Pavel Datsyuk and Nick Lidstrom must step up today and lead their team to victory in a pivotal game 5.  The Wings have had great production from youngsters, Johan Franzen, Darren Helm,  and Valtteri Filppula, among others.  With Draper being back for one game, expect him to have a spring in his step!!  He seems to fly once he gets going.

Detroit’s power play AND penalty kill will be in full force tonight, and they’ll need to be.  If they can get past Marc Andre-Fleury in the first, look for the flood gates to open!!  Pavel Datsyuk is happy to be back in the lineup after being out the entire finals.  Look for him to provide the spark that the Wings have missed the last couple of games.  The boys, need to and will stay calm and not get rattled.  Remember, this team has been there and knows what it takes to win, in a long series.

The biggest key, in the game, is Thomas Holmstrom, who needs to get in front of the Andre-Fleury and obstruct his vision and annoy the Pittsburgh defense.  The last two games, the Penguins have done a great job of clearing the crease and winning the individual battles.

holmstrom in front of net


Game 3 Stanley Cup Finals – (Det leads Pitt 2-0)

First I’d like to apologize for missing posts on the first two games, there were some technical difficulties.  We’re back now!!

NHL/ Well, it’s do or die time for The Penguins, but this game is in Pittsburgh so they will have the support of their fans. I’m sure you might see a red jersey here and there, but even some of the Steelers, like Ben Roethlisberger, and James Harrison.

Obviously we know the Wings were going to start out well, but going up 2-0 with the battered and bruised lineup, as well as holding Pittsburgh to only one goal per game.  Credit the defensive play by all the Red Wings, not only the defenders, but forwards are back checking.  Of course, let’s not forget Chris Osgood, anchoring the D from the crease.  I suppose it’s right in his name….He is GOOD!!!  The guy comes into the playoffs hearing all the criticism about how he’s the Achilles heal, and just get shots on net and you’ll score on these guys.

Well folks, you’ve got yourself a bonafide big time Goaltender, that will lead his team to yet another, Stanley Cup Championship.  Chris Osgood is arguably Hall of Fame material, his number of wins during the regular season and in the playoffs, in the last decade, must be up there towards the top of the list.  WE LOVE YOU OSSIE!!!!

ossie with cup

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